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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Appreciating Yellow in the Garden

I have never really cared much for the color yellow. Yellow clothes don't look good on me, the color makes my skin look jaundiced.  I never understood people that painted their walls in their home yellow, it's too bright a color for walls. However, when I get home from a long day of work and battling the Austin traffic to find my yellow beauties greeting me, I appreciate the yellow and the sunny disposition.

Iceland Poppy

 Copper Canyon Daisy

 Lady Banks Rose

 Italian Jasmine

 Marigold (I know, it's really more orange than yellow)

 Marigolds brightening up the garden.



  1. To walk around your garden at the end of such a day with all those sunny colors must be shear joy. I have never heard of Italian jasmine. It looks like a large beautiful bush. Off to look it up.

    1. Jenny, my walkabout is my therapy. I love the Italian Jasmine and it has a nice scent too. I bought it years ago at Barton Springs Nursery. I would like another one, but can't find it anywhere. Let me know if you see one.

  2. Thanks, I needed some bright yellow hope on this cold Midwestern day. Your first photo of the Iceland Poppy is stunning!

    1. Thanks, Beth! Those are my first poppies. I took all those photos with my phone. Can you believe it?


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