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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

For the Love of Roses

Roses are quickly becoming one of my favorite flowers in the garden.  These beauties are carefree and easygoing and don't require much attention from me, other than to take a stroll through the yard to admire their beauty. 

I have several varieties that are repeat bloomers, a few that are abundant bloomers, and a couple that are fragrant.  Could I possibly find one rose that embodies all these characteristics?  Sounds like a challenge worth taking.  Meanwhile, I've posted photos of some of the roses in my yard.  I wish I knew all their names.

Madame Alfred Carrier Climbing Rose is a fragrant, repeat bloomer.

Lady Banks Rose is an abundant bloomer.

Knockout Rose is an abundant, repeat bloomer.

Peggy Martin is an abundant, repeat bloomer.

This rose bush looks similar to Peggy Martin and is an abundant, repeat bloomer, but I don't know the name. 

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