The Retreat in Progress

Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Pathway

 My first pathway.  I love it. 

My friend, two boys, and I put in this pathway in a couple of days.   Now I want pathways all around the backyard.  That gets kind of expensive when you have about an acre.  We used metal edging and decomposed granite.

I found the arbor at lowes for half price.  I want to get a New Dawn rose bush to climb on it but am not able to find one at the moment in Austin.  So, I planted some hyacinth bean vines to get some temporary foilage to give it that cottage feel before we get a cold snap. 

This is Maya.  She is the newest addition to the family.  I got her at animal shelter for free with all shots and a microchip during kttypalooza this summer.  She keeps me entertained and is company.