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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fredericksburg Wildflowers

My mother, sister, and I treated ourselves for Mother's Day and spent the weekend in Fredericksburg.  We had plenty of good food and drink and walked all over town shopping for things we didn't need.  We took some time out from spending money and took a short drive to Willow City and drove the Willow City Loop. 

The Loop was pretty, but apparently we were too late to see the abundance of wildflowers that were present a few weeks prior.  It was also quite difficult to take pictures while on the Loop as it is a very narrow, winding road with signs constantly reminding the driver not to stop on the road.  However, we were able to stop along highway 16 and took some photos of the remaining wildflowers along the roadside, which was mostly Indian Blanket and few random Wine Cups.

Field of Indian Blanket

I like the yellow and red combination along with the funky looking cactus.

Wine Cup

Indian Blanket

Back to Fredericksburg for food, drink, and shopping.

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