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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Garage Sale Garden

I went to garage sales this morning and found some great stuff for the garden and house.  I love garage sales.  You can buy things at a garage sale for the fraction of the cost of retail or new.  I also will buy things aat garage sales that I would never buy full price.

Here are some of the bargains I found this morning for the garden.

I certainly didn't need another buddha, since I have about five already, but I couldn't pass up this lovely turquoise one for $2.00.  Not sure where this one will go yet..inside or outside.

Who doesn't need a colander full of rocks?  I couldn't pass this up for $1.00.  I will use them as a decorative feature in the garden...maybe in the new pathway.

I paid $4.00 for this potted creation.  There are about four plants in here..I think one is a rubber plant and not sure what the rest are.  It now resides on my front porch.

These cinder blocks were free.  I am going to use some of them as a stand for the rain barrel and use a few more as legs for a bench. 

The boots will not be going in the garden but I couldn't help but post the great bargain I got on these.  These boots are a size 13 and I bought them for my big footed son.  It is quite difficutlt to find size 13 shoes or boots in a shoe store let alone at a garage sale.  The boots are Justin lizard skin.  We looked them up on the internet and found them for a little over $300.  I got them for $5.  All we need to do now is take them to the liittle shoe repair place on Oltorf and get them shined up for about $10.

And let's throw in some photos of Maya while we are here.

Maya's sophisticated nonchalent look.

She's so ferocious...or is she just yawing?

She's tired of blogging...


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